Download section.

In this section you can find some files I'm editing and using "on-the-run" during the scratchbuilding.

For each file type there is the appropriate program to open it. It is explicitly written aside.

Of course these files are for my personal POD but you can freely download and use them as you wish.

Each file is a different little detail of the pod. So don't expect to see anything extraordinary complex.

It is all SCALABLE graphics, so there is no constraint regarding the dimensions.

I'll apply NO COPYRIGHT RESTRICTION at all. Each file is almost self-explaining and freely downloadable,

but if you want more infos, pls. e-mail me.

    Files to download
  1. Base_cone.con
  2. Window_cone.con
  3. Earmuff_cone.con
  4. Earmuff1.cad
  5. Front _window.cad
  6. POD_Base.cad
  7. POD_Base-front.cad
  8. A Micro**ft Excel file for dissecting the RIGHT earmuff (Earmuff "A")
  9. A Micro**ft Excel file for dissecting the LEFT earmuff (Earmuff "B")
  10. NEW: PAPER POD (zipped pdf file!)

Important: Mouse-over the links above. Right-click  and save as... the file on your hard disk.  Open with the appropriate program above.

Pod Radar Scan. (13 kb) (Real Audio Player needed)

I used this audio file to program a chip I plan to include into the base of the pod model. When you push a button on, you can ear the tracking radar ! If somebody is interested I can send the schematic of the circuit (not very simple, but can be fixed into the pod base).

Hal's RED Eye.

I always desired to mimic Hal's eye behaviour on my pod using a high-efficiency red LED.

Slightly blinking or, better, winking. I mean most times on, than decrease brightness SLIGHTLY.

This can be done using electronic circuit. Here is the circuit I used . You can adjust various parameters changing the resistor's or capacitor value; but the values given are good to start with. Is not too much effort circuit so can be easily built and the cost should be around a 1 $ U.S !

Verdana True type Fonts

Mouse-over the link above. Right-click  and save the file the object file on your hard disk.

Execute the file and You'll get the VERDANA font installed on your pc!

Freeware downloaded from the micro**ft website.

Pod's back door lettering

Mouse-over the link above. Right-click  and save the file on your hard disk.

Open it using word. If you have installed the Verdana true type font above, you'll get the Pod's back door lettering a it appears in the movie!