Mario's 2001 Eva POD Scratchbuilding story:

In this page you can see my progresses to the scratchbuild process of my 2001 EVA pod.

This site is very simple and I'll not use any kind of special graphic effect.

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2001 Space Odissey E.V.A. POD

This is my "desired item".

A marvel of beauty and technology never outpassed.
It comes from CC's wonderful resin kit... but IT'S a KIT!!

The original movie prop of this "beauty" can be seen into the 2001 Space Odyssey film movie.

After the movie these props have been irrimediably destroyed.

So I decided to simply scratchbuild a scale model of it, when I found one day in a store, a plastic ball

divided in two halves.

In these pages you can find some photos of the building process as them became available through time.
Hope someone could find it interesting.... First of all I started to "think it in pieces".

I mean would build each detail in separate manner, and then glue the things together.

Maybe it will work....

Check this page time to time! I upload new items anytime!
And will put be on display here, new fresh built items!

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